With a Complete Solution (Cloud, Software and Hardware)
SQUASH iAM is the Total Solution to Protect Your Asset

Squash iAM ( Intelligent Asset Management ) is embedded solution
that has 5 management functions: Power , Security, Asset , Fuel and Environment Management,
that work as a standalone system and can be monitored in real time in
NOM (Network Operation Management ) through web-based and mobile applications.

Klodware Mobile Suite is an Online Reporting Through Cloud Platform.

Klodware Mobile Suite is best solution for your reporting
in some case like a site monitoring, Roll Out Project etc.
paperless, fast, compact and complete.

a. Phase - New Site (Roll Out): We Provide Site AT for monitoring development status of new site(s).
b. Phase - Operation: We Provide AM2 (Asset Movement Mobile) for monitoring and validating asset movement from site to other site.
c. Phase - Maintenance: We Provide PM Mobile for preventive Maintenance), P-RAID (Power Backup), TT Mobile - CM for Trouble Ticket .
d. Phase - Assurance: We Provide AA AT for General Audit after ATP .
e. Phase - Compliance: We Provide Asset Audit Mini (AA Mini) for Mini Audit.
Asset Watcher is an Asset Registration and Monitoring Tool

Asset Watcher is best solution for your company
to monitor your Asset (availability, status, and alarmed)
realtime, simpler, paperless, compact and complete.

Squash Traxy - Precision You Can Trust

Squash Traxy is a Tracking System to monitor your vehicle location, whenever, and wherever they are.
Equipped with panic button, immobilizer, camera, face detection, and dashboard management system.


DingLi-Pioner is an industry leading multi-technology, laptop-based test measurement
tool for indoor and outdoor network quality and services verification. It is a user-friendly and scalable
solution that can be used throughout the network development lifecycle, therefore allowing system
vendor and network operator to benefit from their investment.


Dingli-Walktour is a portable multi-technology test tool for measuring wireless network quality and
services performance. With an iPad and smart phones integrated into a single backpack,
the system provides powerful functions for multi-network benchmarking. Pilot Walktour
Pack's unique design allows users to perform measurements
on test sites, network performance, and services quality in a convenient way.

Dingli-Pioneer Expert

Dingli-Pioneer Expert is a complete (indoor and outdoor wireless network) post processing and
analysis software solution for DingLi's Pilot line of wireless network diagnostic products.
This includes the Pioneer drive-test system, the Fleet autonomous network analysis platform,
the Walktour handheld testing tool, and the Scout autonomous network probe.